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When shopping with us for condoms you might also want to browse our new and exciting range of lubricants. Traditionally, lubricants were designed simply to make sexual intercourse more comfortable, but now lubricants serve many purposes and we are confident that we have just what it takes to tickle your fancy!

As their name suggests water-based lubricants consist mostly of water. These types of lubricants are great all-rounders and prove very popular with our customers. They leave no residue so enable easy cleaning; even if the lubricant comes into contact with clothes or bedding it can be easily washed away without leaving a stain. Pjur produce a ‘Basic 100ml Water Based Lubricant’ which is additive free, dermatologically tested, and extraordinarily smooth and silky in texture. It’s an excellent choice for everyday use, from a brand name you can trust.

Silicone-based lubricants have their own advantages. They are long-lasting and have a thick viscosity which also makes them ideal for anal intercourse. Many are now suitable for use with silicone toys and can be used with latex condoms; be sure to read carefully the manufacturer’s instructions. Check out our range of silicone-based lubricants from Swiss Navy. Available in a range of bottle sizes, this lube is made from the finest ingredients and provides exceptional glide and slickness. It is also hypo-allergenic and non-absorbable.

We also stock a tempting range of flavored lubricants. The majority are made from a water-based lubricant with added flavor. Ideal for use between couples who like to add a little variety to their sex life, they come in a range of mostly fruity flavors, although some have a delicious chocolatey taste. ‘JO Chocolate Delight’ is a water-based flavored lube that feels exactly like silicone, but tastes just like chocolate. What’s more it contains no added sugars, artificial sweeteners or aftertaste and can be used with latex.

Cooling lubricants cool things down when temperatures start to rise. ‘Pjur Cool’ is made from refreshing menthol and is colorless, odorless, neutral in taste, and is premium quality as you would expect from this long established brand.

Want to heat things up a little? Take a look at our ‘Wet Stuff Gold Lubricant’. This water-based personal lubricant is an extra-long lasting formulation which is slightly warming to the skin and has an incredibly silky texture. This highly popular lube is also available in a huge range of bottle sizes including 55g, 60g, 11g, 270g, 550g, 1kg, up to a whooping 5kg; enough to keep you warm and slippery for years to come!

If you care about the environment and like to go organic then you’ll be pleased to know that we offer an organic lube. ‘FlowMotion’ is a personal lubricant produced from a delicate blend of purified New Zealand water and certified organic plants. This all-natural product produces a realistic and highly pleasurable sensation, and is the perfect choice for same sex partners or if you experience vaginal dryness. It is water-based so leaves no sticky residue or mess.

At Condoms Online we feel sure that you will find the perfect lube for you amongst our vast product range. All our lubes are manufactured by the biggest names in the business, and undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they are completely body-safe. This means that you can purchase from us with complete confidence. Lubes are ideal for use with sex toys; particularly dildos, strap-ons, vibrators and anal toys; water based lubricants are usually more suitable for use with sex toys so check the manufacturer’s instructions first. Alternatively, if you plan to indulge in anal sex play you might find a silicone-based lube more effective as they tend to have a thicker consistency and last a little longer. Whatever your requirements, flavored, water or silicone-based, organic, cooling or warming you can find exactly the lube you need stored amongst our cyber shelves. What’s more they are all priced considerably lower than the RRP, come to you discreetly packaged and will arrive on your doorstep within just 1-3 business days.

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