Jo For Her Warm and Buzzy Clitoral Stimulant - 10ml

Jo For Her Warm and Buzzy Clitoral Stimulant - 10ml

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Enhance foreplay and touch sensation with our newest stimulant addition JO Warm and Buzzy.
A dual acting topical stimulant. This water based cream provides a thrilling combination of warming and buzzing sensations. Apply a little during foreplay, toy play or solo play for heightened pleasure. A little goes a long way.
INDICATIONS FOR USE: JO® CLITORAL GEL is formulated to stimulate and heighten sensual pleasure with a thrilling topical sensation. Designed to enhance touch sensation and sensitivity during foreplay and solo-play. 

DIRECTIONS: Apply a few drops to the clitoris. Sensation will begin in approximately 3-5 minutes. Effects can last up to 45 minutes. Reapply as desired or needed. 

WARNING: If irritation or discomfort occurs, discontinue use and consult a physician. Very slippery on surfaces, clean spills immediately. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Product Details
Feature: Glycerin Free, Paraben Free, Silicone Based
Function: Warm, Tingles
Manufacturer: System Jo