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LifeStyles condoms are Australia's most popular brand and our range includes Lifestyles, Manix, Zero, Skyn, Checkmate, Intense and Contempo as well as LifeStyles lubricants and massage gels.

LifeStyles have been supplying Australia with condoms since 1905 making them the world’s longest established condom brand. They put the sexual health and well-being of their customers at the forefront of their business by providing premium safe sex solutions; and their contribution to the Australian safe-sex market doesn’t just end there. LifeStyles have proudly supported the Family Planning Alliance Australia for more than fifteen years, and have recently supplied family planning clinics across the country with 200,000 condoms and 100,000 sachets of lubricant. This all helps to ensure that Australians are able to manage their sexual and reproductive lives with confidence.

In addition to supplying condoms to family planning clinics LifeStyles also make donations to the McGrath Foundation, the Movember Foundation, and to sex education and national health clinics. During 2015 alone they donated 580,000 condoms, and more than a staggering 2.5 million condoms during the past ten years!

LifeStyles take their role as condom manufacturers very seriously. They help to educate young people about the importance of maintaining their sexual and reproductive health by providing teachers with high-quality teaching aids (LifeStyles sex-ed kits) and by producing an online research library for teachers in collaboration with the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society at La Trobe University in Melbourne. To help young people even further the company also run a hub called ‘Sex’n’Stuff’ which presents sex related information honestly and constructively.

Now onto the products. The LifeStyles product range includes Manix, Zero, Lifestyles, Checkmate, Intense, Skyn, and Contempo, in addition to massage gels and lubricants. LifeStyles believe that sex is more than just feeling good; it’s about choice, and that is why they manufacture products for those who know exactly what they want and are not afraid to ask for it. The company cater for people who like to feel everything; both in and out of the bedroom.

One of LifeStyles’ most popular and innovative ranges is their ‘Skyn’ condoms. Made from Skynfeel™, which is a non-latex material proven to enhance stimulation, this premium, revolutionary condom is so soft and comfortable that you and your partner will hardly notice that you are wearing it; giving you both a truly intimate sexual experience. Skyn condoms are also suitable for people with latex allergies. Skyn Original Condoms are available in packs of ten or twenty, and feature an ultra-smooth, non-spermicidal, lubricant and a straight fit. They are natural in colour, with a smooth texture, a 53mm nominal width, and a reservoir teat.

If latex isn’t a problem for neither you or your partner, but you require the ultimate in sensitivity, then you might want to take a look at the LifeStyles® Zero® über thin condoms which are available in packs of eight or sixteen. These condoms are ultra-thin, natural in colour, and feature a non-spermicidal lubricant. With a reservoir teat, and a straight fit, these condoms offer the ultimate in sensitivity, and are made from natural rubber latex which meets ISO4074.

LifeStyles also produce a comprehensive range of lubricants to complement their condoms. The Skyn® Natural Feel Lubricant 80ML is a high-quality, water based lubricant formulated with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Designed to supplement your body’s natural lubricants, this clear, fragrance free formulation will ease and enhance the comfort of sexual activity. It is non-greasy, and safe to you with a variety of different types of condom including natural rubber latex, polyisoprene, and polyurethane.

Check out our full range of LifeStyles products today for the very best in condoms and lubricants designed to offer comfort and protection to the most discerning of user.

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